Corrie Gray
My name is Dr. C.A. Gray. Currently I reside somewhere just left of centre, but grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and studied at the Ontario College of Art. I won’t say when, but it was quite some time ago, although it seems like yesterday. GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES. I provide cartoon, photo manipulation, anything photoshop related, poster, book covers, web sites etc. I’ve been creating editorial cartoons and cartoons in general for most of my life, and have been published in many major magazines and publications across North America. Lately I’m a regular at the Cambridge Times/editorial cartoonist. That being said, feel free to contact me for any of the above listed work. Just think how FABULOUS it would be to surprise a loved one with a custom birthday greeting. Believe me, it would be more than FABULOUS on a LARGE scale! If there’s any confusion on pricing, drop me a line… we’ll work something out. And don’t forget to have an ÜBER GREAT day!… and laugh…laugh a lot… that’s very, very important.